New Light Sport Aircraft For Sale
The Flight Design CT

Long Aviation is proud to be the Mid-Atlantic Region's dealer for the Flight Design CT special light sport aircraft. This revolutionary plane boasts a 49" wide cabin, cushioned leather bucket seats, a state-of-the-art digital instrument panel, and a BRS whole-aircraft emergency parachute system. The aircraft is factory built to ASTM and FAA approved design specs, and hundreds are currently flying worldwide with an excellent safety and operating history. Consider the following amazing performance numbers:


With options including a full glass cockpit (EFIS), moving map GPS, digital graphical engine monitor, and single-axis or dual-axis autopilot, the CT makes an excellent cross-country machine. And, because the aircraft falls into the Special Light Sport category, you do not need a medical certificate to fly it. Being a "Special" light sport means that it can be used for commercial purposes, such as flight instruction, so the CT can be a money-maker as well as a fun machine. 

Prices start at $89,000. To arrange a demonstration flight, please call Jon Long at (704)882-4155.



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